With AutoLearnify, it's easy to start studying on your Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. Here’s all you need to know to get started.

Use AutoLearnify on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Tablet, or Android

You can start the web application on any device by going to app.autolearnify.com. Furthermore, you can download the App on the Android AppStore. A more advanced iOS version will be available soon.

Study Sets

In AutoLearnify all your learning material is organized in study sets. Whether a new flashcard or cloze test is automatically generated or manually created, all learn items can be found in the corresponding study set.

Generate Flashcards

AutoLearnify will automatically generate your flashcards for you.
Navigate to Generate and input any English text from which you want your flashcards (questions with answers) generated.

  • At the moment you can generate questions for 6 sentences at a time. However, you can wait for 8 seconds and then generate questions for another paragraph.
  • Larger texts are automatically summarized.

Cloze Tests

To let AutoLearnify automatically generate cloze tests, navigate to Cloze Tests.
Now you can input any English text for which you want a cloze test.

Study with Flashcards

On the Dashboard, select the study set you want to learn.

The learning module uses the Leitner system. Thus, the cards you know will advance levels and will be shown less frequently.


The following Productivity tools are currently available:

  • Promodoros
  • Tasks & Goals
  • Calendar
  • Progress Tracking

More Features

Many more features are available:

  • Syncing makes sure that your data is the same on all your devices.
  • Flashcard Speak AutoLearnify reads for you any flashcard
  • Add LaTeX formulas to learn math and other scientific subjects
  • Add Images to your flashcards