Generate Flashcards & Cloze Tests

AutoLearnify automatically generates Flashcards with questions and answers from any English text for you.

Generate Questions

Click on Generate Questions and the AI will automatically generate 7 types of questions with answers.

Generate Cloze Tests

AutoLearnify automatically generates cloze tests for you where the most suitable gaps are created.

Manually Edit

You can manually edit any question, answer, or cloze test. Click on Open Cloze Editor to select the gaps manually.

Generate Flashcards Example

AutoLearnify will automatically generate your flashcards for you.
Navigate to Generate and input any English text from which
you want your flashcards (questions with answers) generated.

Automatic Question Generation with AutoLearnify

Study with AutoLearnify

The AutoLearnify App has a learn mode that allows you to study anywhere on any device.

Start Studying

On the Dashboard select the study set you want to study and the learn mode is automatically started.


AutoLearnify gives you easy-to-understand information in the form of graphs and charts that make it easy to track your progress. Select Statistics in the menu to access it.


You can access already created study sets and share your own with others. Where? Click on Explore in the menu

Spaced Repetition

The learning module uses an adapted version of the Leitner system. Thus, the cards you know advance levels and will be shown less frequently.

Productivity Tools


Beat procrastination and get focused.

Tasks & Goals

Use Goals & Tasks to manage your day.


Quickly add your most frequently used tasks and events.

More Features

Use AutoLearnify on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Tablet, or Android

You can start the web application on any device by going to Furthermore, you can download the App on the Android AppStore. A more advanced iOS version will be available soon.

Study Sets

In AutoLearnify all your learning material is organized in study sets. Whether a new flashcard or cloze test is automatically generated or manually created, all learn items can be found in the corresponding study set.

Many more features are available


Syncing makes sure that your data is the same on all your devices.

Flashcard Speak

Flashcard Speak reads for you any flashcard in dozens of languages.

Scientific Formulas

Add LaTeX formulas to learn math and other subjects.